60" Jenkins Iron and Steel Skid Steer Brush Cutter


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Clear grass and small trees quickly and easily with this well built two-blade brush cutter for your skid steer.


1,300 lbs

About this item:

Our commercial-grade skid steer Brush Mower was designed with versatility in mind. Utilizing high end hydraulic motors into a large gearbox this mower simply cuts better, faster and quieter than others on the market!

The dual swing away blades are capable of hacking down up to 4” diameter material while doing a very nice job on thick weeds and grasses as well. These blades are also easily replaceable and they are affordable.

The deck is constructed of heavy-duty ¼” steel and is completely free floating. This means the mounting plate moves independently of the mower deck making cutting on uneven ground or ditches a breeze.

The back of our mower is designed to be rolled across the ground on a heavy-duty 6” roller standard and the front is picked up with the tilt on the skid steer using two 13,000 lb heavy-duty straps, which takes the shock out of your machine and body. This makes our mowers smoother and quieter than our competitors.

V slots are cut into the deck to help funnel material into the blades as well as allowing the mower to mow up to a fence post or tree without cutting it off. Mower manifolds are designed to bypass fluid should your blades become lodged and the mower comes to an abrupt halt ensuring that you will not damage the mower! This standard flow mower requires 14-25 gallons per minute of flow to run highly effectively!