Jenkins Iron & Steel 84" HD Skid Steer Bucket with teeth


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This bucket is the biggest Skid Steer bucket with teeth we offer. More teeth, more capacity, more dirt moved.



Material Thickness



With Teeth


700 lbs

About this item:

The HD version of our tooth bucket  is designed for high use, daily abuse such as excavating, road work, farming, municipality or simply if you are incredibly hard on your equipment! This HD version comes equipped with excavator teeth.

The teeth are welded into the bucket above the cutting edge and are level with the edge so the bucket can still be used to grade smoothly. The cutting edge as well as the teeth can be replaced easily to dramatically increase the life of the bucket!

Under strapped with ½” by 2 ½” solid steel bands that tie into and strengthen the mounting plate as well as a 5″ top channel standard; these buckets can handle a beating.

All of our Jenkins dirt buckets feature an elongated 36½″ bottom ensuring you have the best visibility of the cutting edge possible from the cab of your machine.